Terms and Conditions
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Terms and Conditions

Attorney Diction is a media blog that discusses current news, the latest novelas, internet marketing, online business blogging, information technology, articles we think are inspiring, the world of blogging, learning SEO for beginners, creating a free blog that generates dollars as well as online tips and tricks.

As a good reader, you must agree to the following rules or conditions that have been made by the administrator of Attorney Diction:

  1. You agree not to SPAM comments, this is done to maintain the security and comfort of this blog.
  2. I agree to comment correctly and according to the topic, not contain sara or offend other people's feelings.
  3. Do not Copy Paste (Cups) without the permission of the Attorney Diction administrator to appreciate the work and effort of writing articles.
  4. The content of the image is free images taken on the Internet and modified. If you believe you own a copyrighted image on this blog and taken without permission, please send a message via Contact Us.

TOS Violation

If there is a violation of the TOS specified above, then the administrator has the right to take the necessary measures.

We hope that the faithful readers of Attorney Diction will comply with the TOS that have been made and respect the work of others. Thank you.