Viral Video "Rain of Worms" In China
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Viral Video "Rain of Worms" In China

Viral Video "Rain of Worms" In China

A video showing what happened to 'earthworms' in China has gone viral. In the viral video you can see several busy cars full of worms attached to all parts of the vehicle. So what is the truth? Please find below the complete information about the "rain worm" phenomenon in China. As reported by the New York Post and Outlook India on Monday (3/13/2023), a viral video showing an area in China as if a small 'water worm' has descended on the area. from Liaoning, China.

In the viral video, worms can be seen spread across several cars belonging to area residents. The video also shows many villagers using umbrellas for safety as they pass through the area.


The media report that included the video had a headline that read: "Chinese citizens urged to seek shelter after what appears to be a 'water worm'." Meanwhile, regarding the alleged cause of the so-called "rain worm" in China, many organizations have expressed their opinions. According to the Scientific Journal of the Mother Nature Network. It is explained that something like "water worms" can occur after rain. This happens when the worms are carried by strong winds and fall into the area. The scientific journal also showed that a similar situation occurred after a storm, when the insects became trapped in the vortex. In 2011, in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, he experienced something similar. Something similar happened in Norway. In 2015, Karsten Erstad told the BBC that he found worms while skiing. A biologist reports that there are up to twenty in a square meter.


Previously, in June 2009, something similar happened even for a month in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. In addition to worms, the villagers smell the water of frogs and tadpoles.


As for the Chinese authorities themselves, they have not publicly announced the "rain worm" incident, but many others have raised many complaints. It is said that it is not "worm water".


The denial was denied by many Twitter users, who said that what was thrown on the car was not a worm, but a poplar, a tulip whose flowers look like worms. "It's not a worm or an animal, but a flower that fell from a tree," wrote one Twitter user.


"What falls from the poplars in spring are not caterpillars, but flowers that come out of the poplars. When the flowering poplars start to fall, it is a sign that they are about to bloom," another Twitter user tried to explain.


Another social media user also said that the viral video of the "rain of worms" in China is fake and sounds like a joke. Despite this, the Chinese government has yet to provide an explanation for the viral "rain of worms" video.

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